GLOBE BOARD BWP Grade - IS 1659 : 2004

Globe Board is an exterior grade boiling waterproof board manufactured carefully with selected veneers and properly seasoned wood as plumber core. Globe Board is bonded with superior quality phenol formaldehyde resin. BWP grade board is manufactured at our resin plant and pressed under high pressure and temperature withstands to IS 1659 : 2004. As these boards are treated with special preservatives, they have a high degree of resistant to Borers, Termites, Insects and other wood destroying organisms. Being phenolic bonded, it withstands moisture and cyclic changes in temperature and humidity.

Globe Board is ideally suitable for Partition, Paneling, Domestic Use, Office Use, Cupboard, Kitchen, Racks, Shelves, Shutter and all type of furniture in load bearing horizontal panel applications.

Technical Data

Moisture Content
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
Screw Holding Strength
Above 1,000 N
Nail Holding Strength
Above 500 N
Water Absorption
Below 1%
Preservative Treatment
Lumber and Veneers are treated with preservatives

Standard Thickness (mm) 19 mm, 25 mm & 39 mm Specific thickness also provided against specific order.

Standard Size 244 cm X 122 cm 244 cm X 92 cm
  214 cm X 122 cm 214 cm X 92 cm
  184 cm X 122 cm 184 cm X 92 cm




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