Film face plywood is an innovative concept and is ideal for exposed concrete shuttering and frame works. Globe film Coated Shuttering Plywood is made with selected hardwoods and veneers bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. An external coating of Phenolic Polymer Film made in-house with imported Kraft Paper gives the super smooth, uniform surface finish. Globe Film Faced Plywood has become the foremost choice of leading quality conscious architects and civil construction engineers.

Salient Features:

Phenol Formaldehyde Resin makes the surface waterproof, smooth and resistant    to climatic changes.
Low Thermal conductivity dose not allow external heat or cold to penetrate.
Fixed type preservatives are used
Smooth surface to concrete work
Eliminates plastering if used accurately

Standard Sizes: 244 cm X 122 cm
Standard Thickness: 9 mm X 12mm

Concrete Work in Buildings, Bridges, Beams, Fly Overs, Vehicle Bodies, Roofing Tunnels, Barracks and Wayside Booths etc.

Technical Specification: Strength Properties of Globe Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Tensile strength along the grain : 6,500 N/mm2
Tensile strength across the grain : 4,500 N/ mm2
Bending strength along the grain : 7,500 N/mm2
Bending strength across the grain : 6,500 N/ mm2

Loading and deflection:
By taking the maximum deflection as 1:270 (viz 1/270 of the span between the bearers)

Centre distance of bearers
Face grain parallel to bearers
Max Load (kg/m2)
Face grain perpendicular to bearers
Max Load (kg/m2

9 mm 12 mm 9 mm 12 mm
30 cm 980 1650 1600 2750
40 cm 450 700 700 1127
50 cm 250 540 425 845
60 cm 160 230 250 490




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