Salient Features

• Chemically treated timber used
• Borer and Termite resistant
• Kiln seasoned
• Warp resistant
• Customer friendly cost
• Excellent quality

Process of Manufacture: Quality timber species are selected and treated in vacuum pressure impregnation plant with requisite preservatives by which increases the original life of the timber manifold and protect it from the attacks of borer, termites and any type of insects.

Seasoning of Panel Door: Seasoning is done in updated seasoning kiln to prevent from any dimensional changes such as expansion, shrinkage, wrapping and cracking etc. After that the said timber is cut to size in the latest wood working machine for the joinery works. Raw Timber contents approximately 35% moisture. Constantly varying temperature and humidity effects the cellular strength of the timber making it weak. Bound water has to be extracted carefully from timber to avoid these defects. Raw timber is dried in specially designed kilns that control temperature and humidity. The moisture content in the raw timber is steadily reduced to 8% - 12%.

Chemical Treatment: Seasoned timber undergoes rigid chemical treatment for protection against insect attacks. Chemical preservatives are impregnated uniformly under vacuum pressure to ensure that every fibre of the timber is strengthened. The anti fungal preservative added to the timber makes Globe Panel Door immune to moths, termite, borers and impervious to fungi and rats.


A/B top rails & stills - 100 MM wide
C = Panel inserts are 12/19 MM thickness Plywood or as mentioned in panel material column.
D = Lock Rail : 150/175/200 MM wide
E = Bottom Rail : 200 MM wide

Wide: Depth of Grave Panel 18 MM

Standard Thickness: 30 MM, 35 MM and 38 MM

Standard Size: As per customer's requirement

Quality Control: Each and every species of timber, panels, paints / varnishing are passed through different type of quality test, guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

Guarantee: GLOBE Doors, windows are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

Range of Products:

• Panel / Glazed Doors
• Panel / Glazed Windows
• Seasoned and treated timbers




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