At our disposal, we have a wide range of wooden natural veneers in curled and special figures. The new grains and colours is Burl, Maples, Beech, Birch and Cedar can be choiced from a wide range of natural veneers for real outlook in the projects conceived i.e. to mix and match the exquisite grains pattern and colours for the dream projects.

Salient Features

Wide range of the world's most exotic veneers.
Stunning grains & burls that will leave you spellbound.
Bonded with boiling water resistant adhesive for long life
Borer free.


Thickness: 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm
Size: 8ft x 4ft

Types of Veneers

Decorative Venners:

Anegre, American Ash, American White, Bubinga, Chinese Ash, European Ash, Golden Ash, Golden Walnut, Golden Sapele, Indian Oak, Makai, Mahagony, Padouk, Red Oak, Sapale, Silver Oak, Tulip, White Cedar, White Ash, White Oak, Red Cherry, American Cherry, Steam, Beech, Maple , Birch, Figured Anegre, Fig, Mahagony, Zebrano, Sapele Crown, White beech, Hardmaple, Walnut, Lace-Wood, Pear-Wood, Silky Oak, Bubinga Pommele, Figured Maple, Sycamore, Wenge Saple Pommele, Fiqured Sycamore Bamboo, Ebony, Movinge.


Vavonna Burl, Madrona Burl, Bird's Eye Maple, Golden Teak Burl, Cypress Burl, Pacific Burl, Spruce Burl, Pear Burl, Golden Flower Burl, Camphor Burl, Mapa Burl.


DyedBurl - Blue, Black Grey, Light Grey, Ivory, beige, Natural, gold Burgandy & Lilac, White Beech, Steam Beech, Sapele, Grainless - Teak Walnut, White Cedar, Crown - Teak, White Cedar, Crown - Teak, White Ash, Teak Pencil Grain (01), (02), Teak - Flowery Grain, Teak - Pencil Grain on MDF, Teak Flowery Grain on MDF.

( We can provide you veneers of any branded companies. )




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